Why you should create YouTube thumbnails

For those of you who know me, I like to be very direct and right to the point with my content no long drawn out stories and long-winded extra information, we all have things to do in life so this information will be short and direct.

Here are the 5 reasons you should start using YouTube thumbnails.

1. Capture Attention

It goes without saying your main focus or at least some of us is to make sure our video gets as many eyes on it as possible, so by creating an amazing thumbnail that will capture the user’s eye as they scroll down the page this will help give you that extra edge on getting a video view.

2. Google search

With Google dominating the search engine industry and YouTube being part of Google it is no wonder when you sometimes search for something you will see a couple of videos from Google on the top of your search that is related to your topic.

By having a thumbnail that gives you what the video is about or a unique image this helps views from having to read the text below the video and leads to more video views.

3. Content

Content is King in this digital era and will be here for a while. So by creating amazing thumbnail pictures for your brand you give yourself more content to use for social media as well as you are putting more pictures out there in the digital world that can be searched in places like Google images.

The key is to be everywhere when building your brand and if that one thumbnail can be used on Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms as well as your YouTube thumbnail then you are only helping your brand become more known.

4. Credibility

I once listened to a video by marketing Guru Billy Gene and he said to be a celebrity brand you have to be more than just followed you have to be credible.

When you create amazing and eye capturing thumbnails it gives you a bit of credibility to users and makes them feel that your content may have some value because you invested time in making sure you had a visual to go with your video. If I see a video with a nice graphic saying everything you need to know about Google ads and then I see another video with a person’s face and Tex next it has the same Tex I will think the one with graphic Tex is maybe more reached and that it will be less ramble and more content due to them going out of their way to create a thumbnail for their video.

5. Brand Identity

When building a brand you want to build an identity that people will recognize and become familiar with by doing so you make it easier each time for users so seek you out on a topic by your thumbnail alone.

If you look at YouTube channels such as Dave Ramsey, Graham Stephan, CNBC (make it happen) Roberto Blake you will see they all use nice Thumbnails that show their face or brand colors and at a quick glance I know without even reading the Tex that I most likely am seeing a Dave Ramsey video this helps build the identity and mentally helps build trust from your brand, it will higher the subscriber ratio as well as make it second nature to click on your video.


Overall having a thumbnail for your video will help you gather more video views and keep you ahead of the noise online, be creative and come up with what works best for you and your brand and don’t be afraid to hire a professional if this is something that may be hard for you. Check out and Adobe Spark for help when creating your next thumbnail.