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Meet Clif

After trying his hand in management, he quickly discovered his sincere passion which was the art of branding. By using his know how and whit, he completed small tasks for people that ultimately granted him the opportunity to become a brand mogul extraordinaire. He spent years studying the success of many actors and music artists, while building connections and once he learned the process of how people became famous, he dedicated himself to completing those very same steps for his clients.
Maryland native Clifton Alexander knows the importance of branding all too well. His success ranges from managing artists including; Marcus Canty of Epic Records and Young Steph of Atlantic Records and consulting for the music group H-Town and director Kent Falcon, to directing, producing, and co-writing The Guild starring Terrance Howard, and providing videography for Pretty Rickey, D. Woods, and Tiffany Evans. He also dabbled in public relations and got the pleasure of booking venues for Chris Brown. Clifton was able to do all of this while owning and maintaining five technology companies including meizeer.com, with over 10,000 clients. He is dedicated to maximizing his client’s brand in more than on entity and he has the skill set to do that and beyond. He wants to help clients not only to build their brand but ensures a constant flow of investments to follow. There aren’t too many people of expertise out there that will be more invested in your brand; not more than Clifton Alexander.