Why you should watch what you post on social media

Social media serves a different purpose for all of us. For some of us, we may prefer to use it to interact with family and friends, or maybe follow public figures that we like or look up to. For others, it may be a platform where we can share our lives with the rest of the world. But whatever your reason for logging into that Instagram account, it is always a good idea to avoid absentminded posting. Here are some reasons why you should think before you post anything online, whether it be a suggestive photo or a controversial comment. 

1. It may affect your reputation 

Even if this is not exactly the case, your posts can come across as being representative of your character or personality, and posting something to the public that is thoughtless may negatively affect your reputation. This can have lasting effects that you may not want to deal with in the future, so it is better to stray away from anything that may cause defamation. 

2. It could be noticed by present or future employers 

Your employment potential can be impacted by what you post on your social media account, as the content that is posted on social media pages can be taken into account by employers to assess a person’s character or personality. 

3. It could spark unwanted controversy 

The online world is bigger than you might think. Just like in the real world, there are a plethora of beliefs and opinions that are different from yours and may cause conflict. For example, if you post something lightheartedly thinking that is funny, it might be considered offensive to someone else. To avoid situations like this, you should be cautious and think twice before you post. 

4. Your privacy may be at stake 

Anything you post on your social media page can spread easily, even if you think you are safe because your page is private. Remember that even if you regret a post and delete it, you can never be completely sure if it is gone for good. It can remain circulating online for years even after you delete it. 


This isn’t to say your social media pages all have to be unbearably milquetoast. And you shouldn’t run from conflict if it’s for something you really believe in. However, consider taking some time and thought before posting to social media. It’s one thing to stake your reputation on a firmly held belief, but something else entirely to cause controversy and chaos over a frivolous thought.